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The Canadian farm community is essential to the health and security of Canadians. Learn how you can help.

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Farmwork to Feed Canada is a volunteer initiative supported by Canadian communications professionals to raise awareness of the threat that the COVID-19 pandemic represents for Canadian farmers, food processors, manufacturers retailers, and Canada’s food supply.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the need Canadian farmers have for farm labour and bring farmers and workers together to help to ensure families have food and work in the coming months.

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With record-high levels of unemployment sweeping the country, many Canadians are searching for work.. Canadian farmers are looking to hire you! No experience necessary. Apply today.

The need for farm workers is great. Normally, Canadian farmers rely on 60,000 temporary foreign workers every year to help gather the food that eventually reaches Canadian plates. But, the COVID-19 pandemic means many of these workers will not come to Canada this year.

The Federal Government is permitting farmers to bring in these workers and assisting with the costs to house and pay them while they self-isolate for 14-days on arrival. With this delay, Canadian farmers are falling behind schedule and are facing many logistical challenges like closed visa offices and charter flights.

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Canada’s Food Supply

While Canada’s food supply system is strong, resilient, and resourceful, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting every part of the system from farmwork to food processing, manufacturing, and retail food distribution.

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