Volunteer Opportunities

Over the months we have had countless volunteers give their time to help us grow as an organization. Whether that be new grads seeking experience, or seasoned professionals willing to offer their expertise as a mentoring opportunity. We are grateful for every volunteer that has been with us. Here is an archived description of volunteer roles we offered in the past.

Writer / Storyteller

Part of the Storytelling team, identified trending news, researched and wrote stories for the Farmwork to Feed Canada blog and its social media sites as well as for agriculture and agri-food trade publications and our partners. Members of this team also had the opportunity to write news releases, conduct interviews, and develop media pitches.

Digital Media Specialist

This role meant the volunteer had the opportunity to participate in content creation, copywriting, or content engagement. Working in collaboration with Farmwork to Feed Canada design specialists and storytellers, our Digital Media Specialists planned, crafted, scheduled and published content on our social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in order to build followership, engagement and influence. They also monitored and responded to comments/messages on social media and produced regular metrics reports using Google Analytics and other tools.

HR and Communications Coordinator

The HR and Communications Coordinators were part of the Volunteer Support Team, where they would help us source, interview and onboard volunteers to help us get the word out about pandemic-related challenges to Canada’s food supply and food security. As a volunteer organization, the success of Farmwork to Feed Canada was dependent on being able to attract talented and dedicated volunteers to carry out our mission. The Volunteer Support Team did just that. Volunteers on the team needed to have a background in HR and communications and actively recruit and onboard volunteer writers, digital media specialists, graphic designers and others.

Graphic Designer

Our graphic designers created original graphics for the Farmwork to Feed Canada website, blog posts and social media posts. They needed to be experts in programs such as Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and other common design and layout applications. They were the heart of our visuals on all of our social media pages, and made all of our posts visually appealing and engaging.

Digital Team Lead

The Digital Team Lead oversaw our Digital Team. They were responsible for overseeing the three digital pods in the digital team (Strategy, Digital Infrastructure, Content). A big job that needed someone with leadership skills, experience with strategy development and monthly reporting on how our campaigns were doing to provide actionable insights for consistent growth.

Mid-Level or Senior Editor / Coach

This was a volunteer role that required someone with more experience to be a leader and mentor for our writing team. Working virtually, our mid-level and senior editors reviewed articles written by our junior to intermediate volunteer writers and provided proofreading, to correct spelling and punctuation, or coaching, to improve the structure and clarity of articles that would appear on the Farmwork to Feed website or in industry publications. This role was a great opportunity for seasoned communications professionals to pass on their knowledge and provide valuable coaching / mentoring to junior writers while they worked to gain some much-needed, real-world experience during the pandemic.

Web Infrastructure Co-Lead

This role primarily supported the security, operations, and development of our WordPress website. The role was responsible for continuing to develop an attractive, user-friendly website that met the required design and security specifications.

Multimedia Graphic Designer

While graphic designers worked on graphics, multimedia graphic designers worked with creating custom videos and multimedia material to upload to our websites and social channels. The goal was to increase public awareness by expanding Farmwork to Feed Canada’s multimedia and digital presence as part of the overall digital strategy and communications plan.

WordPress Website Manager and Designer

Volunteers in this role needed to be an expert in WordPress or be someone with some knowledge of WordPress. Needing to keep website content up to date and accurate, and upload content to the website, volunteers in this role needed to have a keen interest in developing web design and have proficient web management skills.

Business Plan Writer

This role needed an MBA graduate or student who was looking to expand their portfolio by crafting a strategic business plan for our growing organization. The deadline for the completed business plan was in August 2021.

Traducteur ou services de traduction bénévoles de l'anglais au français / English to French Translator

To expand our reach and become a truly national organization, we needed to have a bilingual website, social media channels and published articles in both official languages. This individual needed a firm willingness to donate services to translate our website, social media posts and articles as they were released for publication.

Administrative Assistant

Our teams required communications between team members, assistance with scheduling and a sense of organization when it came to tracking files and documents. This role kept track of all that and also monitored activities on two Trello Boards for the Storytelling and Digital Teams.

“Farmwork to Feed Canada was a great  opportunity to practice communication skills following
my practicum. I learned much more about the public relations field and Canada's farming
industry and I appreciated the encouragement and support I received. I felt valued volunteering
for F2FC.”

Claire Kroening

"As a new grad, my time with Farmwork to Feed Canada offered a unique and rewarding opportunity to quickly gain industry experience in digital marketing! The team is a great combination of new talent and seasoned professionals from all across Canada! I left my position with so much more confidence in my capabilities and more skills under my belt than I walked into it with."

Elyse Vander Ende

I am a senior level communications consultant based in Calgary but being semi-retired I have more time to volunteer. The issues and complexities F2FC deals with keep my brain active and I enjoy helping the students and new grads gain real world experience. Their enthusiasm and professionalism inspire me and also enable me to keep aware of the latest technologies. It’s a win-win.”

Andrea Collins

“Being surrounded by communications/PR professionals that have been in the industry for years is something you can’t put a price on. I encourage everyone, whether you are working or not, to take the opportunity to volunteer for F2FC and help out local agriculture/farming during the pandemic.”

Ashlan MacDonald

“I felt like a valued member of F2FC right from the  start.  I have been encouraged to take on projects in a number of different roles. These have included social media engagement, content  creation, communications strategy and corporate partnerships. The opportunity allowed me to build my resume and professional network.”

Vince Guglielmi

"The time I have been here has helped me learn immensely, and given me the opportunity to work on skills I didn't even know I had! I found myself enjoying the process, and working up the nerve to confidently communicate to others in an authentic way.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I don't think you can honestly understand how much of an impact this organization has had on me and my professional development. Before F2FC I was in a slump, and all of a sudden I'm at the point in which I am turning down opportunities because of how busy I am!"

Kabir Shergill

"After my post-grad certification in PR Strategy at University of Toronto, I joined F2FC. A few months later, I was able to land a full-time role in marketing and communications. The opportunities I was exposed to and the senior comms professionals that helped to mentor me along the way helped me greatly to achieve this. I talked extensively about my involvement in partnerships in the org during the interview process, which I found different companies were particularly interested in hearing about. The skillsets I gained were as valuable as a job experience, if not more. It also gave me a
strong sense of community during the pandemic, bonding with a group over our passion for comms. I warmly encourage new grads of marketing, PR & comms programs to further hone their skills and network here at F2FC!"

Letty Wong