Restaurants Canada, on behalf of our 40,000+ members, is calling on all levels of government to stop system-wide restaurant closures. As we undergo a second wave – our industry is being singled out, and we deserve to understand why. Accurate transmission data that clearly points to restaurants being the source has not been provided.

Restaurants have invested over $750 million in training, sanitizer stations, PPE, air purification systems, and other protective equipment, all designed to provide the highest levels of safety for our customers. And national research indicates that 87 per cent of Canadians agree that restaurants are doing a good job of keeping consumers safe.

Despite these investments, we are still being shut down. Our industry wants to be a part of the solution. We want to welcome customers back to our dining rooms, but without the transmission data and additional government support, half of all local restaurants are at risk of closing within a year.

We have already seen 188,000 jobs lost, and recent closures could see that number rise by another 100,000 jobs. We all deserve to know why and what we can do to stop these closures.

Todd Barclay
President and CEO
Restaurants Canada

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