May usually marks the season for planting in community gardens, heading to garden centres to replenish home gardens with beautiful greenery, and heading to your local farmers market on a Saturday morning with the family. Sadly, COVID-19 has put a halt on many of these activities that make Spring so enjoyable for many Canadians and also provide business opportunity for the few short months of the year for many local farmers and garden houses.

If you’re missing your local farmer’s market, why not take a road trip to farm country. We highly encourage you to check your local town farmers market and social sites, as many Farmers who travel to these markets are now offering options for curbside pick-up, delivery, or both! This is a great way to support local farmers, and get out of the house safely when they can’t come to you.

If you participate in your community garden, and it has recently been re-opened for use in your area, be sure you are looking to your community’s social and web pages to see if your local garden centres or favourite farmers market vendor are offering ways to support them during this difficult time.

The good news, in Ontario, Community Gardens have resumed as of Monday, May 4th 2020, Garden Centres have been approved to open following strict protocols (still a point of contention for some smaller greenhouses, keep an eye on your news station as the Ontario Premier believes this is unfair, and additional details will be coming), and many local farmers market vendors are able to offer curbside pick-up, contactless pick and delivery too!

Let’s continue to support those locally in our communities and help those who rely on this time of year for their income. By working together and supporting one another, we can avoid even more job and wage loss in Canada!


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