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‘We must protect our water’: B.C. ranchers wage battle over radioactive fracking waste

The Narwhal
November 28, 2020
As natural gas operations continue to encroach on farms and ranches in the province’s energy-rich northeast, concerns are building over the threat radioactive waste poses to clean water.

Small-scale meat producers having trouble getting animals to market due to inspector shortage: B.C. ranchers

CBC News
October 24, 2020
Some B.C. farmers and ranchers raising animals for small, local markets are worried the meat may never make it to consumers because product demand is outstripping slaughterhouse capacity and the availability of product inspectors.

Unconfirmed Asian giant hornet sighting in Terrace, B.C. 

Yorkton This Week
October 18, 2020
An Asian giant hornet, colloquially known as a ‘murder hornet’, may have been spotted in Terrace, B.C.