Who is Farmwork to Feed Canada?

We are a growing group of concerned Canadian PR, communications, and marketing professionals working as volunteers during the COVID-19 crisis. We aspire to identify, create, and to share compelling stories that inform and educate Canadians and help to preserve and protect Canada’s food supply which is essential to our Nation’s health.

I am looking for employment. Where do I start?

If you are physically fit and available to work, apply for a job on a farm or in an agri-business today. Check-out our Farmwork page with links to job boards and employment resources.

What can I do to help Farmwork to Feed Canada?

If you are a communications professional, retired journalist or a journalist ‘between gigs’ or a recent PR, communications, marketing, or journalism grad looking for real-world experience please get in touch with us.

How is Farmwork to Feed Canada funded?

Our group is completely voluntary. Our members are all working pro bono. We are an unincorporated not-for-profit team.

What is the purpose of Farmwork to Feed Canada?

We seek to collaborate with others to get the word out via digital communications channels. Our focus is evolving farm and agri-food issues, initiatives, activities.

How can you help other stakeholders such as farmers, farm groups, and government who are working on agriculture and agri-food labour and food supply issues?

We aim to amplify and multiply the messaging of key stakeholders. These leaders include Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, major agricultural and agri-food organizations, and agri-food companies. Our team of communicators can help to explain complex issues in language Canadians understand. Experts at social media engagement, our Farmwork to Feed Canada volunteers can extend the reach and impact of stakeholder messages that matter. Finally, as seasoned and talented communicators and former journalists, their goal is to bring stories to life that inspire, inform, and empower Canadians to action.

Why does Farmwork to Feed Canada matter?

The answer is a matter of the head and the heart. As concerned communicators, we are acutely aware of the threat that COVID-19 presents Canada. Farmwork to Feed Canada initiative is one way we can do our part as volunteers bring workers together with farmers and agri-food companies to keep our food supply safe.

Why are you communicating about farm labor issues when planting season has begun?

For some crops like asparagus that harvest from late April until June, this is true. Other crops and sectors such as fruit and vegetable production and viniculture are different. We are focussing on the full 2020 crop season needs of farmers – including greenhouse operators, for planting, tending, and harvesting.

The labour challenges that threaten our food supply are long-standing and won’t be solved in a short early spring campaign. Farmwork to Feed Canada has a broad, long-term vision. Also, we will be getting the message out to Canadians about farmwork leading up to the 2021 crop season to increase the capacity and training of a larger domestic farm labour force.

Why was my comment removed?

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