Much gratitude to Top Chef Canada contender Chef Wallace Wong @w2sixpackchef for his insightful tips surrounding temperature control, cuts, and freshness for Canadian Salmon, graciously provided by Canadian aquaculture farmers, True North Seafood @TrueNorthSeafood!


Temperature Talk

Did you know, when purchasing seafood, primarily online, safety is critical?

A great, unique way True North Seafood addresses this concern is through their packaging. Not only does the Atlantic Salmon arrive OVERNIGHT with plenty of ice, but there is also a unique temperature monitor in the corner of the box with a sheet that tells you that the Salmon is fresh and safe to eat!



Canada’s own, True North Seafood supplies different cuts of Atlantic Salmon from the Bay of Fundy; a whole fillet, plus portioned 4-ounce cuts and salmon steaks! The entire fillet is ideal for cutting and portioning to your liking, while the pre-portioned 4-ounce pieces are great for meal prep and the salmon steaks are great for barbeque season!



Making sure your fish is not just safe but also fresh is essential. Chef Wallace offers us some great advice; first, it shouldn’t smell fishy, but rather like the fresh Atlantic Ocean. Also, it should be shiny and not slimy, so when you press on it, it should bounce back and not leave indents.


Thanks again to Chef Wallace for supporting Canadian Farms like the delicious catches from the East Coast’s True North Seafood!

If you want to shop fresh, Canadian Salmon, check out @TrueNorthSeafood for their fresh, overnight delivery anywhere in Canada.

If you need more information on fish temperature, freshness, cuts, or seafood recipe ideas, follow Chef Wallace on Instagram @W2SixPackChef!

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