Thank you to all our supporters

In August 2021, we made the difficult decision to wind-down our operation. Farmwork to Feed Canada began in April of 2020 to help Canadian farmers and producers during a very precarious time. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, concerns about food shortages and food security were very real and pressing issues.

Founder Mark Gregory rallied a team of volunteers in marketing and communications to support agricultural organizations across Canada. This team of over 80 individuals collaborated on hundreds of projects including blog articles, social posts, media relations counselling, influencer outreach and strategy sessions with our partners.

We owe our volunteers a debt of gratitude. They came to us from across Canada, many as students and recent graduates. They were supported by mid-level and senior professionals who led and supervised efforts in recruiting and support, digital marketing, storytelling and partnerships.

We thank our 15 partner agricultural organizations. They entrusted us to amplify their messages, allowed us to interview their people and utilized our talent pool to further their own goals. We learned from you all and felt honoured to work alongside you on many worthwhile projects.

You can still read our 100-plus articles about the agricultural sector on this site. These articles aimed to educate Canadian consumers so they could learn more about – and support – Canadian farmers and producers.